Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Spectathlete

During Oceanside 70.3 I was a spectathlete (the sport of spectating off course). Man, let me tell you, not only is competing more fun and you get more accomplished during the day but it is also less exhausting then the sport of spectathlon (I can't speak for Ironman vs spectathlon, never done that).

Oceanside was a MUST. Even though I couldn't race, I just had to go to cheer on all the athletes, especially the one's I knew. 3:30 am wake up call at the Durapulse house it was. I was amazed how calm all of them were. Either they don't get nervous OR they are good actors.

I got to explore and watch the race with Allison, my teammates girlfriend. We had a ton of fun. Race morning was so cold and cloudy, but everyone looked great out there swimming biking and running. We most likely looked good too with our hot chocolate and jackets on:-)

We got to practice our photography skills and happened to see this, which I think is not supposed to happen 2 minutes before the pro men come out of the water:


AFTER - ooopsie, someone is in trouble

Everyone went everywhere trying to get on that bike. First I couldn't figure out why, but then I put one and one together...everyone was cold and had a really hard time feeling legs and arms!!!

So after a while it looked like this and I was happy not to be in it :-)

Oceanside spectating was so much fun. Everyone on my Durapulse team as well as my ZOOT team did really well. It definitely got me fired up for my next race.

Later in the day I got to meet my ZOOT team, which was probably one of the best experiences I have had in my triathlon life. The team is fantastic!!! Not only did I get to meet all my teammates from around the US, but we also got to know the people behind the scenes: designers, shoe engineers, managers, ...everyone you can think of. This company is amazing and I am so happy and thankful to be part of it. Everyone is very very nice. My racing teammates are fun, enthusiastic, friendly and very very giggly, which I love!!! The team in the office, at races, answering our questions and making sure we have everything we need was exactly the same way: friendly, open and they always had a smile on their face!!!

We also got to inspect the gear for the future :-) SO MUCH FUN. Color, design, material, is fun to see everything tha will be coming out.

I cannot wait until A.) I go to California again and get to visit ZOOT B.) I get to race with my teammates C.) Represent the Ultra team at races!!!

This week I got a new pair of shoes. And I mean NEW (as in Summer 2012 new)!!! These shoes are absolutely amazing. You would think that after many years of running my feet would be used to it...WRONG. Anyone who has trained or raced with me knows: Angi gets the most blisters a human could possibly get. I ran a track workout in these shoes. No socks, just like in a race. No blisters, no hot spots. AT ALL. These shoes are super light, yet really soft and nice to your feet. They feel light like the racing flats I used in college, but cushioned like a light weight trainer. Look out for them as they will come out this summer!!! Ask me about them at this weeks Marquee Triathlon in Phoenix. I will be wearing them:-)
Notice? The Colors? Almost like the German flag!!!

Running in the desert this time of the year is beautiful. Everything is blooming. Yes, even the cacti. Here is some evidence from our yard. I never knew the desert could be this colorful.

Jack has been doing well too. He goes for a run with me almost every day. He loves aquathlon. After we get back from our run, he immediately jumps in the pool and swims a few laps. Sometimes he has his run and swim done before me :-)


Damie said...

awesome! and so glad you got to meet Sam! Great girl- the two of you will have fun together!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :-D