Thursday, March 29, 2012

Superseal/Du Nationals

After my back to back to back racing weekend including a duathlon (or half of one), a running race and a bike race I decided it is time to start the travelling races. My buddy "Buddy" (yep, that is his name) and I started our drive to San Diego for the SuperSeal Triathlon. I wanted a 4th paddle!!! On our way there ther weather started to get bad and all of the sudden it looked like this:

I am glad I wasn't driving...but then Buddy told me that he can't see because he forgot his glasses...and then I tought: a.) I wish I would be driving and b.) I wish I would have some carrots that I could feed him to improve his eye sight.

We finally made it to San Diego safely :-) Saturday we spend picking up packets, checking the weather and eating fish tacos!!! The weather got more and more stormy and by the end of the day the swim was cancelled. YES!!! A duathlon!!! I love duathlons!!!

Unfortunatelly the next morning was super windy and wet with wind up to 35 mph. Bike = cancelled :-( But it was the only right thing to do for the race organizers as there would have been sooo many accidents in this crazy wind. They made the best out of the situation and we ended up doing a 5 k beach run.

Just a little windy :-)

Everyone ran really close together. I had absolutely no idea how to run in sand but it seemed like the harder you go the more you dig yourself in the sand, so nothing really happened in the race, except for a lot of giggling. I would take a stpe forward just to end up sliding half a step back. Amy and I bumped into each other a bit, just because we were sliding all over the sand. I ended up 2nd to Amy Marsh. I will be back in 2013 for this race for sure!!!

On our way back from San Diego we even went through some snow in the Mountains and it turned out that Buddy and I brought the rain back to Phoenix. And even a little bit of snow...yes, snow in Phoenix (while Minneapolis had 75 degrees and sun).

The weekend was still really fun. The volunteers were amazing, being out in the wet, cold wind for many many hours!!!

I took the week easy, got some riding and running in and on Thursday I was off to Duathlon Nationals in Alabama. We had a great and competitive field with many great Duathletes. It rained the two days leading up to the race (I think I brought the weather with me), lucky for me my homestay had EVERYTHING an athlete could wish for!!! Thank you guys so much!!! I ran on the treadmill, they had rollers, a trainer, and they took such good care of me!!! I even got to eat some fried pickles and learned some Alabamian slang :-)

Race morning was beautiful and the race went by way to fast. 2 loop run, 2 loop bike, 1 loop run. Hills hills and hills. And did I mention hills? The first run was great. D'Ann (the eventual winner) took off and was out of sight within the first lap. She is an amazing runner!!! I came into T2 in second and felt great. I had a great first run which put me in a great position, with a little bit of a gap to the rest of the field.

Onto the bike: the bike felt Ok, but not at my best. I rode by myself, which is good so that I don't have to worry about the rules, but bad since I had no sense of how fast everyone else was going. Turns out D'Ann, me and Amy (eventual third place) all went within seconds of each other.

The secon run felt really bad at first, coming off the bike, but that was to expect in a duathlon. I just kept reminding myself to push and that everyone most likely feels like that. It was an out and back which was nice. The turnaround came up and I knew D'Ann had a good gap to me but I also saw that I had a good gap to Amy. It was a great race and I finished 2nd with over a minute to first and a minute to third.

Team Magic did a great job putting on the race making it challenging, safe and fair!!! Duathlons are great. Team Arizona did a fantastic job of representing with Matt Russell in 2nd on the mens side, Amy Kloner 3rd on the womens side and me, we took 3 out of the 6 podium spots!!!

This weekend I am off to Oceanside 70.3. No racing, but a lot of cheering and our ZOOT TEAM CAMP. So excited to get to know my teammates and all the peeps behind the scenes!!!

And I am not bringing rain with me :-)


Elliot said...

Mmmm.. fried pickles.

elizabeth said...

You're a stud, Angi!! I'll be cheering for you on Saturday!! :)

Beth said...

Congrats on your great results!! Hope to see you in O'side! :)

Danny and Amber said...

Angi! It was really nice to meet you and can't wait for FL and when you come up to NH:)