Sunday, February 6, 2011

How much more can I sleep?

I have been feeling sick for the last 3 days, and I have slept a ton. I actually managed to fall asleep WHILE my friend talked to me (ooops). Today I found out the reason for the sleepiness: Acute sinus infection/flu symptoms and a fever...yeah, that would make one sleepy. I finally went to Urgent Care to take care of this so I can be up and running (literally) ASAP.

This last weekend was supposed to consist of Crit racing and a Trail run/race, instead it turned into nap, waiting room, bed...sleeping through the superbowl (I did see the half time show and...well...lets just say I will stick to my Ipod for listening to the BIP:-) Maybe they were just nervous...)

Here is to getting healthy and strong and a season without any more interruptions!!!

1 comment:

Hans said...

I feel your pain, get better soon! I'd like to see you dominate the crits like you did Cross! A lesson in domination