Sunday, February 13, 2011

VOS weekend

It was really hard to take a week off of training :-) I guess I am addicted. I was "staying-in-bed-sick" until Tuesday morning...on Thursday I attempted to go for a ride...that lasted for about 20 min before I got a headache. I ran for about 30 min, but my HR was really high. more day of rest. Friday evening I went to the pool and felt surprisingly good for being out of the world of exercise for one week.
This weekend I watched the Valley of the Sun Stage race as my team was racing and I was soooo jealous - but I totally loved being the supporter/spectathlete/cheerleader :-)

The hardest part was watching the Criterium. Stage Races have a great variety of events -VOS had a TT, a Roadrace and a Crit. I like the TT, like the Roadrace but LOVE the Crit. Oh well, there will be lots more races in the cycling world that I can do.

Unfortunately two of my teammates crashed at the Roadrace and ended up in the hospital (yes, I know, I feel guilty complaining about being sick...small fish compared to a crash like that!!!)There was a crash 10 min into the Cat 1,2,3 race- I hope everyone involved heals fast!!! My two teammates are tough cookies. They both showed up at the Crit today to cheer (one with a sling around her arm due to a broken bone in her shoulder, the other one with a cast one her arm due to a fracture in her radius)...and let me tell you, they cheered LOUD. They did not complain once...VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! I hope they get better very soon.

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lizzy said...

ugh, sorry you were sick for so long! hope you are feeling better :)