Monday, February 1, 2010

My week and the Vulture Mine TT

I can handle the cold. I actually like the cold...and a little bit of snow...but NOT ice on the roads. Riding outside is impossible. I actually road my bike to work and ended up sliding through an intersection. Luckily there were no cars.
Running is 50/50. No running in the mornings or at night, possibly from 12-3 pm :-)

Now what did that mean for last week? A TON of swimming. And off course when I am attending every practice there is, it is IM week. Butterfly here, backstroke there. My arms were hurting. But I loved it.

Saturday JR and I went to Sedona for some warmer riding and running.
Sunday we drove to Wickenburg for a 20 k TT.
The TT was one big uphill, one bog downhill, turn around and back again. No flat spots. I went out hard and tried to maintain the pace. My arms were the only things really really hurting, and it was not from pulling on the handlebars. It was from all the swimming:-)
I won the TT on my sweet Ceepo bike!!! What a great bike!!!

Next week up:
Sedona 5 k
McDowell Crit

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Beth said...

You know you've been swimming a lot when your ARMS are the most tired muscles during a cycling TT!! HAHA!! :) Congrats on your win! Hope your ice melts soon.