Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valley of the Sun Stage Race

TT, RR and Crit...with a bunch of REALLY good riders, like the Metromint and Simple Green Girls...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

JR and I drove 3 hours straight to get to the TT, out of the car and onto the bikes. I actually managed to warm up for about 20 min, then it was GO time for the 14 mile TT. I tried to go all out. Plan worked. I was really sore and tired that night. I ended up 4th place, which I was more then happy with. My new CEEPO likes to go FAST!!!

RR: 57 miles with 40 women. Pushing...not cool. I realized how much I love Triathlon during this race. There was a lot of "illegal" stuff going on, from crossing the yellow line to pushing. The entire field ended up staying together (maybe because we got neutralized 4 times!!!). Just like other girls I tried to attack but everything got chased down. Doing a Halfironman seems easier then this 57 mile ride. I was pooped!!!

Crit: Last stage. By this point everyone is (hopefully) tired. 40 min downtown Phoenix, the Crit was fast and scary but SUPER FUN!!! You could tell that this was a big race with really good competition. The race was sooooooooooo fast!!!

Nothing changed in the overall and I ended up 4th overall and best Cat 2 rider :-)

Now we are back in Flagstaff, working a lot and preparing for a trip up to North Dakota. If I think Flagstaff is cold, I can't wait to get to ND :-)


Jim said...


Mountain Flyer magazine has a race report with photos and links to more photos of the event.

Congratulations on your race!


Angi Axmann said...

Thanks, I had never been on that homepage before. I also passed it on to Team Pista Palace :-)