Monday, June 1, 2009

Those Australians seem to know what they are talking about:-)

Flagstaff always has some kind of National Team in town. This time: Australian swim team. They are super nice and probably the funniest team I have seen (and we have had a lot of them in Flagstaff: Germany, Denmark, Brasil, Japan-actually funny as well-Great Britain,...)
On Friday there was NO coach at Masters, so we made up our own workout. The Australian Coach was nice enough to help us with our stroke, and guess what. What he told us helped me take 10 SECONDS of my 100 meter repeat time!!! CRAZY!!! He is good:-) I guess that is why he is the National Coach :-)

I am so super excited about that fact - but very sore now from all the practicing...Just got out of the pool but I will be back in in less then 24 hours.
Here are some pics from my trip to Austin. By the way: to all those people who told me Texas is a "lazy" state. AUSTIN IS PROBABLY THE MOST ACTIVE TOWN I HAVE SEEN IN THE US!!!
The podium with Katie, Hayley and Jenna - Hayley is a 15:53 mile swimmer!!! And Katie is a world champion in Mountain running!!!

The Capitol Building. We rode 5 laps up to the Capitol and back, it was beautiful.

Mellow Johnny's. Lance Armstrongs bike store. It was closed so we only saw things through the window. I didn't see any Parkpre bikes so I was not interested:-)

A really cool place: some springs where you can swim about 180 meters each way!!! And here comes the best part, it is free from 6-9 am for swimming!!! Great practice for triathletes, try it out when you are in Austin!!!


Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Thanks for ALL your support Angi!!! It helps SOOOO much :-) I love the pics from Austin, such a great place to be. You will have to tell me your swim secret some time. Happy training chica, you are going to do great this year!!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Great pictures - YEAH, that OW swimming place in Austin looks FANTASTIC! I would do SO MUCH OW swimming if there was a place like that out here. :) No sharks! hee hee hee!

Happy training and keep up the GREAT work!