Friday, January 27, 2012

What a start to 2012

PF Changs 13.1

Trying to decide which Halfmarathon to run in AZ can be tough. Not because of a lack of is more the opposite: there are SO MANY RACES!!! This state is great for running and cycling (I haven't explored the swimming side yet)...race race race :-)

We picked PF Changs because there were a lot of runners (around 20.000 in the half) and we had lots of friends running it. To me, I thought it would be entertaining to have music every mile :-)

The race was so much fun. I had no real plan, and after a long week of working I didn't know what to expect. Just running and having fun...and making it hurt. I went out with the pack, which ment way too fast. But I am a big believer in going with the feel and at the moment it felt right. The first mile was around 5:30...ooops. I tried to run with people, but for some reason we spread out really quick and I had absolutely noone to talk to for 13.1 miles!!! Unbelievable.
I have to admit that I struggled with not having anyone to talk to between miles 6-9. :-( We were so spread out that it was tough to catch instead I focused on the people on the side, the one's who cheered and I once again realized how incredible the Pheonix endurance sports community is. Cheers EVERYWHERE.
I finished the race in 1:21, which is a 3 min PR for me. To be honest this was only my 3rd 13.1 race in my life. My first one was the Berlin 13.1 (I went there to do the 5 k but it was sold out), then the Payson 13.1 (which takes you 6 miles up and then 6 miles doown...ouch) and now PF Changs.

I can only recommend this race. Great organization, great motivation on the course and tons of friendly people!!! And where else in the country can you run a 13.1 race in shorts?

And then the week after the race...

My legs felt surprisingly good after the race and I just continued with training. Tuesday morning: 1.5 hr bike ride. I went outside in shorts but it was cold so I went back to get knee and arm warmes. Good call!!!

I rode my bike to the first 4 way stop from my house, a full 10 seconds!!! Car coming from the right, I stop, they stop, they go, I go. As I enter the intersection I looked to the right and to my surprise the lady coming from the right...stepped on the gas pedal!!! WHA... WHA...WHAT? I remember looking into the windshield and she did look to the left, just too far to the left. She didn't see me at all. I tried to sprint out of her way, but we all know how good a triathlete's cycling sprint abilities are. I don't remember much except for landing on the ground. Witnesses said I did a full 360 in the air (one guy said it would have made a cool Youtube video). The ambulance, firetruck and the police were there within seconds. I got up and moved every bone...nothing broken...I think. Just skin. Luckily I put on those leg warmers. It all happened so fast. It was just crazy and scary.

I had sooooo much luck. The thought of looking at the car while it hit me still scares me. I got T-boned by an SUV. I didn't want to go to the hospital, instead I went to Endurance Rehab. They know me and my body and I knew they could help. And I was in good hands and they made me giggle.

I think the shock was the worst. 20 min after I got hit I remember the cop's voice going far away and then I was on the ground. The lady got cited.
Again, I am so thankful that I came out of this with minor injuries (scrapes, hurting ribcage for a while, some bruises). I was soooo lucky.

I went back on the bike the next day. Mountainbike since my Roadbike was cracked.
My long ride on the following Saturday was tough. My motivation was down the drain and I was scared of every car. I thought the only way to get rid of this fear is: off course...RACING!!!

Bike Haus Crit

I went to Firebird race track the following Sunday to race my bike. Criteriums are the best way to get rid of fear. It was a great workout. 2 girls got off the front and I chased for 25 min :-) Unfortunatelly I wasn't able to catch them and I finished 3rd in the Pro-1-2 field.

McDowell Circuit race

This weekend I did the McDowell circuit race. 40 min of racing. It was so much fun. We had some really good girls come out. My one person team, consisting stayed calm until we had 20 min to go. I attacked to try to get the field to break up but didn't get any help. As I sat up again I noticed that 4 girls went off (we did get a gap, but I didn't know). Grrr...I initiated it and now I wasn't in it. Oh well. I decided to bridge the gap by myself and after half a lap I was in the break. 5 girls. Every team represented. As we came closer to the finish I tried to get off on the right side. Alisha Welsh came with me on my left and she outsprinted me by a tire (so close). But hey, getting beaten by a professional cyclist is OK I think. I am only a Cat 2 afterall. And I have no idea how to sprint.

Xterra AZ Trail Run

7 k trail run. I guess I love racing. Today I went out to do a trail race. I thought it would fit perfect since I was supposed to do a long run with a 20 min up tempo. The trail was beautiful and I am glad I didn't know the course before. Because that trail was HILLY!!! 2 miles of uphill. AHHH. I started in the back not thinking...obviousely. Trails are narrow (as I know now), which means no room to move up unless you do some steeplechasing. I steeplechased my way into 3rd overall (men and women) before the hill and that is where I satyed. The race was great and I still had a 6:10 pace. So much fun.

Panama 70.3 - or not

Next week I was going to race the Panama 70.3. Flight booked, hotel booked, and then I got a letter from immigrations. No trip to Panama for me. Instead an interview with an immigration officer in Phoenix. Hopefully after this interview I will get my permanent green card, which will last much longer then the one I had. It is just a bummer that I only got a one week notice and that I have to cancel my trip to Panama. I will be there someday. Instead I will race the Valley of the Sun stage race. Road racing...ahhh...makes me nervous already :-)


Anonymous said...

you are an inspiration to me! i train on the roadways as well as the gym and cars constantly make me nervous. i can't tell you how many times i've almost been under one because of careless drivers. keep up the faith, you are doing beyond phenomenal with your courage to continue with your training and racing. :)

Elliot said...

You rock Angi Axmann. I miss you at Phoenix Swim Club though. Hopefully our teams collide at Ragnar in a couple weeks. It will be war!