Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Sponsors

First of all I have to say a HUGE thank you to my support team for 2011. Every single one has been a huge part of my season, whether it was during training, racing or in my "normal" time. I am looking forward to 2012 and am excited to work with the following companies again:

Nick has helped me get through my year injury free despite the long season, many races and all the travelling. Durapulse is a great company - my trainingplan allowed me to race a long season and have many PR's in 2011. Nick is great about adjusting my training quick, which is important when you realize for example that there is no open pool in Aviano, Italy (like when I was there). Durapulse also has a great team in Phoenix; my teammates always put a smile on my face and help me push myself during our "friendly" battles on the track.

My triathlon store in Phoenix. Iron Gear has not only supported me for 2011, but also the entire AZ Triathlon community by sponsoring many AZ Triathlon events. Also Iron Gear made it possible for me to race the relay event at the Duathlon World Championships (I had to change my ticket by 24 hrs to be able to do the relay and Iron Gear took care of the changing fee) - THANK YOU. I am very thankful for all their support and look forward to an even better 2012. Stop by their store in Mesa and check out all their equipment for swimming, biking and running.

Skinstrong is an incredible company. Not only do they help me transform any bike seat into what feels like a pillow (thanks to SLATHER), they also help me prevent blisters from my shoes and friction from my uniform or wetsuit (thanks to SLIK DUST and SLIK). The people behind Skinstrong are so friendly and helpful. Their products are affordable and are a great addition to any endurance atheletes equipment. Skinstrong is very important to me because with back to back racing I cannot afford having hot spots on my skin or blisters on my feet!!! Thanks for the support in 2011 and the future!!!

The Belgian Headcase that has keept my head safe and comfi for the last 2 years. The technology that Lazer uses allows the helmet to tighten evenly around my head. I had a lot of trouble finding a fitting helmet before I discovered Lazer. Their helmets are comfortable and most important they fit. My choices: Genesis and Tardiz!!! Looking forward to year 3 and more to come.

Endurance Rehab helps me recover faster and stay injury free. Their therapists KNOW athletes, not only because they have worked with many athletes from all sports, but also because they are athletes. I am looking forward to another year of their support, wether it is hands on or in the recovery boots. Check them out!!!

I am very excited to add on some new sponsors in 2011:

I am very honored to become part of the Tribe. In 2012 I will be part of the Zoot Ultra Team, consisting of a great group of companies (Garmin, GU, PR Bar, Zipp and, off course ZOOT). Zoot has me covered from Wetsuit to Recovery Products, from Shoes to Arm Warmers. I am really looking forward to working with them and being part of the Zoot Ultra Team.

I am really excited to be working with BH as my bike company. I will be riding the GC Aero TT bike and the RC1 as my Road Racing Machine. The company originated in Spain and the US headquarters are right here in Phoenix. The bikes are not only top quality but they also look fantastic!!!

Bike Haus will be my Road Team for the 2012 season. I am really excited to be the female Bike Haus representative on the AZ road circuit. And they carry BH bikes :-) Brilliant!!!

Trigger Point Therapy will also help me stay healthy in 2012. Their products are great quality and easy to take on any trip. The TP Massage Ball is perfect for airplane - foot massages or glute releases.

Thanks for your support!!!

Off course I also wouldn't be able to compete and train at this level without the support of my husband JR, my family in Germany and my friends (PAM, wanna go do a race in Texas?) :-)


Elliot said...

YAY! ZOOT chicks are the best looking, fastest girls in triathlon. Congrats on all the sponsors!!

Pam said...

Texas?? Really? Sure!! (: