Sunday, March 13, 2011

ready or comes the season

My 2011 is kicking off next week with the 5150 Miami. I am super excited to start the season, even though the first race is always a little scary...As far as I know it will be a non wetsuit ocean swim, followed by a hot bike and run.

The weekend after that I will be taking off for San Diego for a most likely pretty cool wetsuit legal ocean swim :-) Ahhh...that is what I like to hear...

I have never visited Miami, but I am looking forward to it. I only "know" Miami from watching Dexter and Burn looks like a lot of fun!!!

A very nice family from the Ndorphin Triathlon Team is taking me in (THANK YOU, check them out at I would not know what to do by myself in a city that I have never been in before, so I am really thankful!!!

Phoenix is warming up like crazy. We are going to have 90 degrees as a high almost every day this week. But no complaints here, this is wonderful to train in compared to the snowy, slushy
roads in the places I have lived before (Flagstaff/Spearfish).


Courtenay said...

see you in two weeks!! my race plan is to try to at least keep you in sight :)
(and i love burn notice... but no miami for me)

Ruben ( said...

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