Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 1 in Miami

I have been to Miami for 24 hrs now and I like what I see :-)

After a crazy 5:30 am airport drop off by JR I was on my way to Miami and didn't arrive until close to 8 pm!!! I think it might be faster to fly to Germany in that time. The airport in Dallas was FULL, with flights that got cancelled and spring breakers everywhere!!! Flying into Miami was great (you have to understand that I have never been to Florida). I saw the Everglades :-) They go right to the outskirts of Miami!!! Who knew. Everything here is in happy colors: the thousands of different plants growing here, the houses, decorations, even the street's pavement is light colored which seems happier then dark pavement.

My homestay is very very very nice. I went swimming today (NO NOT IN THE OCEAN), rode my bike around the beautiful neighborhood and went for a run where we saw Starfruit, Guava and all kinds of other fruits :-) It felt like vacation!!!

Tomorrow is Saturday and we are off for a bike ride in the Florida keys followed by a run. Then a meeting and the bike drop off and then it is alrady time to get ready to race :-)

Pics are coming soon!!!


Jennifer Harrison said...

GOOD luck this weekend, Angi!!

elizabeth said...

CONGRATS on your race Angi!!! I hope to see you at SuperSeal this weekend... let me know if you are coming out here to race. I just got into the race as well, so I WILL be there :)