Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally...Fall has arrived

It has happened...temps are down. Life is back to normal (almost...the alarm still goes off at 5 am).

Saturday and Sunday where the last hot days with temperatures of 106 - which made the Tour de Scottsdale a little harder then usual. I decided last minute to race the Crit on Saturday. I was sick for a week, but I could not pass on this-a crit in my town? I AM IN. Well, two laps into the race I realized it might not have been the smartest idea:-) I took one hard pull to help out my teammate and I was in no man's land...Megan was in front, the rest almost one lap behind me, so I just stayed where I was. I felt more sick on Saturday night again, so no racing for me on Sunday. Instead I was in the feed zone supporting everyone :-)

Eric (JR's teammate) flatted with about 10 miles to go. Since it was a charity race (haha) there was no wheel support...JR gave Eric his front wheel and off he went to win the race!!!

Made me wonder if that would ever happen on a female team :-)

Today (Thursday), I finally felt better and was able to go out to the Thursday group ride. It was fun!!! And a beautiful 65 degrees!!! Aftrewards I was off to get scraped at Endurance Rehab-it is amazing what they have done for me, they have been scraping me for about 6 weeks now!!!

I might even attempt to race at the Prospector Triathlon this weekend!!!

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