Thursday, August 12, 2010

I think it is time for a blog post!!!

After taking over a month off from updating...lots of things happened in the last is the quick version (pics will follow off course :-)

- moved to Phoenix in May, put an offer on a house

-June, July nothing special, temperatures went up, we were still waiting to hear back from the house

-Plantar Fascia starts to hurt and gets ignored (off course I don't want to take time off)

-Plantar Fascia hurts really bad...I guess I am taking time off

-time to start treatment at Endurance Rehab (scraping :-)

-trip to Germany for my brother's wedding, which was beautiful!!!

-JR closes on the house while I am in Germany-yeah, we are homeowners!!!

- coming back to the US just in time to help pack and move

-floating the Salt River-really fun thing to do while in Phoenix!!!

-catch a cold from the Salt River :-( Out for 3 days...

-2 more weeks of now running, then I am hopefully "healed"

That is about all that happened in the last month. I have a ton of pics to download and post!!!
It is super frustrating not to be able to run...hopefully soon. I am trying to stay optimistic!!!


Beth said...

Hope your foot is feeling better ASAP! Hang in there Angi!

Uli said...

Thanks for checking in on my blog :) Injuries suck, hopefully you are up and at 'em again soon! How is Tempe Town lake looking? Mensch, ich kann schon gar kein Deutsch mehr...