Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July weekend

I love the 4th of July...mostly because everyone has a day off and we get to do fun stuff :-) Like going on a river/hike/camping trip with the puppies.

On the way to our destination we were packed into a truck...puppies very excited. I am glad they decided to stay on Pam's side!!!

Once we got to the trailhead we hiked downhill for about one mile:

And then the trail turns into...a river. I am so thankful that Pam let me wear som water-hiking boots. They were great!!!

The water was super clear and freezing cold but at the same time very refreshing when hiking in 90 degree weather.

Yeah, we made it. Out of the water after about 1 mile and onto...another water trail. This are of AZ is just beautiful. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere (the bearpoop everywhere was a little scary...) but are only 2 hrs away from Flagstaff.

Once we made it to our campside we went exploring without backpacks. We found...more bear poop. And two bear homes aka nests. SCARY.
Dinner usually when JR, Shannon, Pam and I hike...just like in a top restaurant: Orzo with Shrim, grilled Bellpepper, Asparagus and goat cheese.

We spend the next morning exploring and playing in the water before we had to head back the trail, back into civilization. Jack was a swim-wimp before this trip, but for some reason he turned into a water dog now...Come on...throw that stick one more time!!!

The puppies were very sleepy after their adventure... (before/after pics :-)

I have to admit. I was a little pooped too :-) It was so much fun hiking out there.
We are now back to our normal life in Phoenix. Temps are still rising, which makes it really hard for me to train. I even struggel in the mornings. I guess I am just not a warm weather person...or maybe I will get used to it. The weather has also left me sleepy at any time of the day. Let's hope summer goes by fast (never thought I would say that)...and hopefully I will get some good training adn racing in in the second half of the season!!!


Courtenay said...

gorgeous photos angi!

i hope it cools down for you... let me know if you are in colorado at all (you could come do the boulder 70.3!)

Karen Able said...

Angi - found your blog when I was looking for some race results up snowbowl. Just rode up this morning on my 'new' parkpre!!!! Oh my god, so fast and fun!!! Well, fast downhill, anyway. ;)

Loving the bike. Let us know when you're up in Flag next. I know Dave misses riding with JR.