Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding weekend

Wow, long time since I wrote last. After my last post things got CRAZY!!! We moved into a small apartment (waiting to hear back from the bank about an offer we put down on a house), and only one day later we flew to North Dakota to get married :-)

Pam and I got to Fargo rained.
The next day we drove to Jamestown snowed.
We wanted to go swimming...but the beautiful 50 m pool that Jamestown has is CLOSED to the public. So instead we went running and running.
The day of the had snowed again. JR and I went for a run in the slush and then we were seperated to get all dressed up (non sporty this time).

Pam spend about an hour making my hair curly and I truely think she should have been a hair stylist since she did the most amazing job EVER!!!
My wedding was supposed to start at 6 pm. I looked at my watch and it was 4 pm and I still had not heard from my parents who flew from Germany to Minnesota the night before. 4:15...nothing...Pam started to ask: what if they don't make it? No parents=no wedding!!!
4:30 pm, I get a call...they made it!!! Yippie!!! I have to say that I was surprisingly calm even though my parents were...somewhere:-)
At 6 pm, JR walked down the aisle, then the flower girls, Pam and Jim, then my parents and me. It was a great wedding and if I could find my cable for my camera I would publish some pictures, but the moving thining...
Afterwards we had a BBQ with lots of salads, wine, beer, dollar dancing, and a TON of fun!!!
After the official part was over we took the Minister and my brothers and went downtown Jamestown (4 bars total I think).
It was a fun night and we stayed until we were asked to leave. The best part was that our Minister was a little tipsy and he fell over :-) LOVE IT!!!

The next day we spend discovering Jamestown with my family. They are so much fun!!! Too bad the time went by so fast and we had to say goodbye the next day already. Back to work in Phoenix.
My mom, dad and brother took off for a roadtrip to Chicago and my other brother, his wife and baby came to Flagstaff/Phoenix.

The wedding was super fun!!! Everyone had a great time.

Pics to follow once I find the cable.

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