Monday, May 3, 2010

FUN weekend

The move has happened. I am reunited in Phoenix with JR, but unfortunately away from the most flexible/up for anything super friend Pam. :-) and :-(

Moving is a pain in the behind...I cannot believe how much stuff we have. But it is all under Pam's house or in our temporary apartment.

After Friday's move JR, Pam, Shannon and I went to swim. The arms were tired. All this packing and carrying things is a tough workout!!!
Saturday morning we went to participate in the SAGUARO LAKE OPEN WATER swim put on by DCB Adventures who always do a great job!!! We competed in the 2000 m Wetsuit swim and it was great practice!!!
After the race Pam and I biked back into town (2+ hrs) to check out all the roads with bike lanes and there are a lot :-)

Then it was off to my bridal shower :-) It was held at Tribe which is great that Kevin allowed us that. Pam and Janet came up with funny games and I got to hit my first ever Pinada (no idea how how to spell it). It was great!!! We had great people there including Lizzy who I hadn't seen in OVER A YEAR!!! It was great-and I found out that we only live 56 blocks away from each other...which is like NOTHING (that is what I was told hihihi)!!! Yippie!!!
After great food and great fun we went downtown Scottsdale for a Martini which tuned into 1 Martini and some shots of, for example Hazelnut Cream and Espresso Liquor...yum...but dangerous.

Since the entire group consited of athletes (4 Triathletes, 2 Cyclists, 2 Runners)...we decided to go home before we even got to midnight:-) Got to love how crazy we are :-)

The next morning was great as well. We hiked up Camelback Mountain, got a fantastic view of all of Phoenix, hiked back down and went to the original Pancake house!!! The original one as in the very first one in Phoenix!!! It was very good food!!!

Now today is another crazy day:
Early morning run followed by some packing, followed by more running, a swim and a team meeting at Tribe. Then tomorrow I am off to North Dakota for JR and my wedding. The weather forecast said 65 and a 0% chance of rain for next Friday, but then it got changed today to 45 with a 30 % chance.

Dear employes. Please make up your mind and don't keep changing it!!!

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