Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can Spring come now...PLEASE???

I can't believe it is April and we are still getting snow. I got up early to teach my Runner's Conditioning class on Tuesday and actually thought about just wearing a T-Shirt and a Windjacket...then I looked outside and saw this white stuff :-( And the reading on the thermometer: 20!!!

BRRR!!! I am glad that I am the instructor and I don't HAVE to do all the exercises :-)

2 more days and I am off to San Diego. Hopefully the weather there is nice. I started my "normal" training back up this week, so there won't be any tapering for the race. It will be a high quality workout with a hopefully good outcome.

My triathlon team, the NAU TRIJACKS, are in full prep for Nationals, which is coming up in 2 weeks. They put in some really hard work. Unfortunately they had a lot of bad luck with the weather, just like everyone in Flagstaff. Temporuns in 4feet of snow is impossible and on top of that they had to battle the lack of treadmills do to Rec center reconstruction...but they will do great!!! Running in the snow, even if it is for the easy runs, made them tough. Most of them already PR'd in their first race, no with 4 more weeks of quality in their legs...I bet they will do GREAT!!!

JR and I are getting ready to move...boxing up things, selling things on ebay, you name it. It reminds us every time of how much we dislike moving (what a nice way to say it:-)

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