Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picture time

A few weeks ago I went to Phoenix for the awesome Women's Bike clinic that TRIBE put on. Two days of pack riding, TT, cornering, nutrition, strength, stretching, ... Off course it also included some good food in Scottsdale and some walking around looking at art. This was my favourite store:-)

Home again. Jack da puppy LOVES rice, corn, carrots...he wasn't sure about celery. My puppy might be more human then we think...

Yesterday it started snowing. Forecast:3-7 feet!!! Here is what came down yesterday and today. The fence is almost gone:

Running outside might be a challenge with snow up to my hip:

Jack loves it:

Here is a video of Jack making a trail for me:-)

Oh, and: Never put Birkenstock shoes on a heater, even if it is set for 60isch degrees. They come out looking like this:

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Anonymous said...

AWWW, Jack is too cute :) Glad you are having fun! Cody had been going crazy with all this rain, he LOVES it! Your birkenstocks look like a pair of crocs I left in my trunk this summer and shrunk up just like that! OOPS :)