Sunday, November 22, 2009

El Tour de Tucson 2009

What a fun event. Well, I didn't stay for the event itself, but I was there for the expo, which is FUN!!! 3 days of representing and meeting tons of people. It was a fun time. I met so many new people through my friend Rachel who is a Tucson native. I have to say...Tucson might be the best place to train (at leats in the winter...not sure about the summer, where the temps get over 100...). There are so many fit people in Tucson, great trails to run on, and a pool on almost every corner!!!

We decided to drive back to Flagstaff on Friday night, which brought us to our homes at 2 am...sleepy.

But that was the only way we could make it to the weekly group ride on Saturday morning and just like always it was worth it.

My plans for the next month are made:
Hike the grand canyon for 4 days, get a lot of swimming in before leaving for Germany for 2 weeks.

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Fluid Dude said...

Hi Angie! I found your blog, and just wanted to say it was great meeting you at El Tour, and we are excited to be working with you for next season! Cheers!

Dave Brown (Fluid Dude)