Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Grand Canyon - South Bass Trail

Thanksgiving in the Grand Canyon. With Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and adventure. We went Thursday - Sunday and tried out SOuth Bass Trail. JR thinks that I might now be in the top 50 for German's with the most trails hiked in the Grand Canyon ;-)

Here is the picture story for our trip:

 Cold morning start with 9 degrees Fahrenheit!!!
 One last time without our heavy backpacks (this was my heaviest backpack yet!!!)
 Let's go!!!

 The trail from the rim to river was about 8 miles, but the first 4 miles were as steep as it can get for a big backpack hiking trip. My quads were on FIRE.

 Scrambling down the trail :-)

 The first layer is done.
 Stashing water for the way out. It felt good to drop those extra 3 Liters.
 STAIRS. I stopped counting after 152...there were too many.

 Right along the edge of a biiiig drop off.

 The trail was slightly less marked then we thought, so we build trail markers for future hikers.

 Coffee break - JR and I are very German :-)

 The "fireplace" at the bottom of the looking at it and with an unmarked turnoff we missed our trail and as it was getting dark we started wondering if we have to sleep on the Tonto Trail.
 We finally made it to South Bass Rapids and the famous boat.
 Tent vs bivi. Tent won!!!
 Thanksgiving dinner. Mhhhhhhhhh.
 Peter the mouse wanted some too. Thanks to Pam we learned to bring Critter bags at all times!!!

 The colorado was very chocolate like!!! 
 River trip stopping at our beach. Let the trading of food begin!!!
 You have to look closely but the tarantula was walking along the tondo and clearly got mad at us for taking pics of it - it was standing on 2 legs only trying to scare us with the other ones. Worked for me!!!
 Shinumu rapids.

 The fireplace!!!
 This is were the trail goes but the fireplace distraction is a trap. The tonto trail just disappears after a few more km. We decided to build big trail markers, because missing this turn off can end bad!!! There is no access to water anywhere else...unless you crawl down a cliff.
 This heart shaped cactus plant was full of love. Every ear was a heart!!!

 Our sandy beach.

 Getting water!!!

 Trading beer with river trips.

 The last night's view. Much much colder. We all managed to go to bed at 7 and slept until 7!!!
That's how cold it was :-)
It was awesome. 
I am still sore.
I can't wait to take my family down to the chocolate river!!!

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