Thursday, August 15, 2013

15 hrs til Ft collins

How bad can that drive be?
15 hrs? Psssss...EASY
Or so I though.
Just me and Jack. Glad that he is a good listener:-)
Here is how it went:


 New Mexico, yay, only who knows how many more miles.

 Still new mexico?

 I am getting bored, Jack is getting sleepy. We are still in new mexico:-(

 YAY, half way done. Only 5XX miles to go. 

  Jack, I am out of stories.

 Fantastic packing: 3 bikes in a Mazda 3...pretty sure there is more room!!!

 Yay, Colorado!!!

 Yay, still Colorado...

 Still Colorado...mood is declining...3 more hrs to go...

I finally made it in about 15 hrs. The car is full of dog hair, I think Jack was stressed out and lost hair :-) 
This morning I went on an exploring tour through Ft Collins and here is what I found:

Fantastic doggie parks!!! Everybody is extremely dog friendly!!!
 Fantastic running trails: flat or hilly, there is a great mix of everything here!!!
 And Lakes, EVERWHERE!!! And did I mention trails???
 Dog park lake, for dogs only :-)

 And a HUGE lake right out the front door :-) I love this place!!!
 And you can do triathlon practice DOWNTOWN!!! They even have a dismount zone!!!
I am so excited to explore more this afternoon and tomorrow but what I have seen so far was impressive. Medium size city, everybody outdoorsy, everybody nice and in a good mood, people drive the speed limit or UNDER, bike lanes, running trails, perfect weather, breweries, pools, lakes, ... now we just need to find a house :-)


Pat said...

hey, if you are planning on buying real estate in Ft. Collins, you should contact Amanda Gentile . Phone: 970.302.0963

She knows the area real well and is easy to work with. She's been a Realtor in Ft. Collins for a while now.

Best of luck.

Angi Axmann said...

Thanks Pat!!! We have been looking for that one perfect house :-)

Amanda said...

Hi Angi,

Hope your travels are going well. I'd love to help you with your search. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with your search for the perfect home!

Take care.