Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer fun in the sun

Last weekend I drove back down to Phoenix for one day - it felt good to sleep in my own bed again, to be in my house with JR and Jack. We enjoyed a nice evening gardening and harvesting. This year we have purple cocktail tomatoes, yellow mini pear tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, armenian cucumbers, squash, zucchini, basil, rosemary, oregano and mint. Everything is growing beautifully and enjoying the sun and the warm temperatures:

First harvest. YUM.

Armenian cucumber.

Heirloom tomatoes.

Yellow pear tomatoes.

Purple cocktail tomatoes.

Basil that was turned into pesto :-)

Friday we made the trip back up to Flagstaff for a weekend of fun. Our friends camped at Lake Mary so we drove out there for some dinner with a good view and fresh air. Eating outside and cooking with camping equipment is always fun. We went for a 5 mile run with the puppies and they were tired and dirty.

 Jack was sleepy.

 Maur still had energy.

The finished product was delicious.

The next morning we departed for a 12 mile adventure run. We started at Skunk Canyon Trail (we think) and ran to Fisher point, then a little bit into Walnut Canyon to explore one of the caves that is HUGEEEE (we didn't go in far because we didn't have headlamps), then we ran back through Sandy's canyon and back to the parking lot. The terrain is perfect for running: a mix of sandy dirt single track and pine needle covered forest trail. Off course I twisted my ankle once - always an adventure with me. Only swelled up a little bit, so I considered it "part of my stretching routine" Hahaha...

Sunday was spend in the forest as well. Slacklining...Jack and Maur had a staredown, while we tried our skills of balancing on a rope that swings if you start shaking (aka Elvis move).

 Brandon showed us how it was done.

After an hour of up and down and up and down I had done it: I wore out Erin, Brandon, JR, Jack and Maur and I was able to do a running jump on, single leg squats, tree pose, box jump jump ons, and walk the entire line!!! Fantastic. That was a good patience-lesson for me, but I wasn't going home without having success. Not today at least.

 JR's pistol entrance was awesome!!!

The view on the rope.

We also spend a good 2.5 hrs playing baseball, which left me super sore. Jack kept running after the balls and we were all beyond exhausted by last night. 

My morning run felt surprisingly good this morning. We explored Cambell Mesa on the east side of Flagstaff, a perfect 6 mile look for running. Not too rocky, slight up and downs, not windy, just awesome. From there you can connect to Fisher Point - all the trails connect - but that would have made a very long run. Next time :-) 

Next up: Last week of my first nursing class, start of the summer semester, and, off course, another running race at 7000 ft :-)

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Damie said...

oh my- you have SO much fun. Can I join in????? So glad you got to go home. Have a great, great summer and upcoming race!!!