Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ZOOT 2013

The best athletic weekend of the year, for some people it might be KONA, for some VEGAS, but for us ZOOT peeps it is:


Zoot camp is fantastic, because the ZOOT ultra team gets together, we have fun, talk, run, learn about new things, and the list goes on and on.

For JR and me it was just a very very short trip. We left Friday evening and got to the hotel at around 11:30 pm. The next day we went running on the beach, and JR and I both got a sunburn. Somehow the 70 degree sunny weather in Cali is much more intense then then 90 degree sun in Phoenix??? We saw dolphins, got some great food and in the afternoon we all met up with the rest of the ZOOT ultra team.

I was so excited to see my friend Amber again. That girls is ... I can't describe it... lets just say one thing: Shananigans. Amber is so much fun!!!

With that girl I can giggle all the time. It was great for JR too, because her husband Danny and JR had a great time as well and JR got to meet the rest of the gang. We all got lots and lots of new ZOOT goodies, our race uniforms look fantastic, ready for fast racing!!!

The next morning consisted of a morning jog along the beach and the winner of Oceanside 70.3 (Alcatraz and many many more races) came out to go with us on the run. Sponsored by ZOOT, this girl  ran a 1:14 Halfmarathon in the KIAWES this year already!!! Heather Jackson is such a great person, instead of sleeping in after her win, she came out to meet us at 7 am - what can I say, ZOOT'ers are AWESOME.

The rest of the day we learned about all the new things that ZOOT is creating. Their custom clothing is fantastic. Any team out there who is looking into creating their own design and unique uniforms that fit perfectly should look into it!!! ZOOT is so nice to work with and the people there always take the time to talk to you on the phone, in person, or you can just shoot them an email!!!

There is a lot going on in shoe development as well and I am so excited about the shoes I will be running in for the rest of the year...and the new new ones, that are still super secret are super super cool...can't tell any more. We all have to wait patiently :-)

Zoot camp always gets everyone fired up to race. So immediately, when JR and I started driving back to PHX we searched for races and made plans for the course no brainstorming without brain food...and since it was easter sunday, our brain food was the Reester Bunny and some coffee :-) Trust me, that combination gets you going until you crash big time. But I think we got some good ideas.


Beth said...

The Reester Bunny??? How in the world have I never heard of this??? That is right up my alley. :) Glad camp was fun for you guys!

Elliot said...

You really saw dolphins? I like turtles