Monday, March 25, 2013

News time

Phoenix is getting hotter by the day again. Time to escape. Even the phone has already had enough and showed me this screen:

ZOOT is working on the 2014 collection and they are in full speed fun and fast mode. Here are the future KIAWE's, the best racing flat on the market!!!

The Xterra AZ trail running season has come to an end. Already. Some states probably haven't even started. We finished off the 4th race with a 13 mile run to Rock Springs also known as Pie town...

Post race world famous JACK DANIELS PECAN PIE

After being sick for three weeks it was probably not the smartest idea to race, so instead I just ran for fun, talked to friends and had a fun time on the beautiful trail that included two river crossings. I got away with the age group win and the series win for my age group :-) YAY

The ZOOT trail shoes are the perfect shoe for water crossings, they dried fast and I had NO blisters post race!!!

And now the probably most exciting news:

In May I will have two homes. Phoenix and Flagstaff. Flagstaff because I will once again return to NAU as a student for the accelerated nursing program. I still can't believe I got accepted, I am so super happy. 30 people every year get to start this 1 year BSN program. I am super excited about this :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm super excited for you too! You will have to ride with me a bit this summer in Flag... I need to get some altitude training in!!

Damie said...

you are going to be the most educated person ever! so proud of you. xo

Mandi Runs said...

Awesome job Angi! You killed the trail series!!! Can't wait for HH!!!