Friday, July 20, 2012


Lucky me. We had an unusual week in Phoenix just before I left for Germany. 90's and 4 days of rain. Perfect for training after a loooong frustrating time of 105 + degrees and no bueno training. Here is what happens when it suddenly rains in the desert:

Things start blooming and life returns to the valley. Even the birds came back and my backyard sounded similar to a jungle.

They predicted a rise in temps from here on without rain, so I packed my bags (just kidding, the flight was booked a long time ago). I spend some quality time with puppy Jack before I left. We watched Springer Spaniels on youtube. He totally enjoyed it.

 Then it was off to Germany and the most unusual 2 1/2 things happened:

1/2 : I almost didn't have to pay for my bike. The guy kept saying that bike count as a mode of transportation in Europe and that is why he believes I only have to pay 75 $. He asked me and I said: I have no idea (crossing fingers behind my back). Unfortunately he called HQ and they said 200 $. BUUUHHH.

1: I had a row to myself. 3 seats for me. That was the start of a great 9 hr nap.

2: They didn't open my bike box, therefore they didn't move anything and they didn't have to close the buckles again (which they seem to have a big problem with). Therefore, my bike got here in 1 piece and all the straps are still on my box (that is a first in my 10 years of traveling!!!)

After I got here I went for a run and then had some DOENER!!! comes like this:
 or like this:
 It is simply delicious. Why don't we have on of those in Phoenix?

Today I went for my first bike ride. I most likely averaged 30 mph (hahaha) and had a HR of 250 (hahaha) due to being scared...we are pretty spoiled in the US. US bike lanes are about as wide as a two lane street here. There is a white line and then the ditch, no bike lanes. I have to admit I was a little scare but then I realized that people handle cars really well here. I went on a few streets, one of them suddenly turned from a two lane street (one out one back) into a one lane street (but still counting as an out and back). Let's just say that the street would not have been wide enough for a Hummer, but here it counts as a "normal" street. I love Germany :-)
 Oh, more food pics. Pastries. Can't go to Europe without going to bakeries. Luckily Germany is full of them and the baked goods are fantastic. I wish I would know how to make these:
Tomorrow we will be traveling to Belgium which is a "loooong" 3 hr drive :-) I have never been there. I always thought Belgium is famous for chocolate and beer but in reality it is POMMES (french fries) and beer. Who knew. The race doesn't start until 11 am and guess what: Ironman Europe allows you to pick up your package the day of the race :-)

I am using the race as a training race only. I have had a strange 2012 so far and since there is no way for me to earn points anymore I am just focusing on the fall season. I am really excited for this race as it goes downtown Antwerp and it is a very spectator friendly race.


Damie said...

oh, enjoy your trip! so jealous, as you know I love to travel. be safe and have fun!!!!!! :)))))

Sarah Jarvis said...

oh, ja, die doener vermissen wir hier auch! jeden tag sag Max mindestens einmal dass er ein doener will! :-) und das mit den schmalen strassen kann ich auch nachfuehlen! i was like: WHERE IS THE SHOULDER??? aber irgendwie fuehlt man sich trotzdem wohl. und das radfahren dort ist einfach soooooooo schoen! :-)
wir wuenschen dir viel erfolg in belgien und hoffe, dass rennen verlaeuft nach plan!!!