Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grand Canyon 2011

Every Thanksgiving JR, me and our friends Pam and Shannon are going away...away from eating and eating and eating (even though that can be fun too). We try to escape to the Grand Canyon for 4 or 5 days. The first year we did it was epic. Last year was absolutely great and I wasn't sure if our adventures could get any better. But this year was FANTASTIC.We were 6 people, Pam, Shannon, Kris, Mindy, JR and me. We hiked from the rim of the Grand Canyon to Havasupai, slept there over night before the best hike I have ever been on started. We hiked down Mooney Falles...and I mean climbing with a 40 lbs backpack:

...then we entered no man's land (it actually belongs to the Havasu Tribe, but I mean no man's land as far as " no one is out there"). The hike takes you through vines in a narrow canyon. On our 12 mile hike we had to cross the river 8 times (that is so much fun). The water is abnormally blue due to the minerals. It looked so warm and inviting, but in reality it was cold. At least the outside temperature was nice.

The mixing of blue Kool aid and the chocolate milk of the Colorado. We made it!!!

Getting water. Don't fall in :-) There is no coming out unless your an Olympic swimmer!!!

JR enjoying the calmness of the Canyon :-)

The sun was teasing us. It was always close but we didn't get to touch the beams. So we searched for them.

And then it happened...PEOPLE. 5 rafting boats came. Canadians, they have really impressive boats, but floating for 20+ days would be really long...and how would you train?

Cooking one pot meals. I brought 1 lbs of spinach and 1lbs of broccoli and cauliflower. Broccoli made the cut, spinach made the cut...cauliflower NOT...that stuff smells bad (even if it is fresh).

And then the goatsheep...aeh I mean mountain goats aehhh mountain sheep came. They inspected our tent and left us some surprises. We were not sure if that means "welcome" or "get out of our territory".

Back to mooney falls.

This trip was sooo much fun. DO it if you ever have the chance.

Next up: Training starts back up. I was going to race a local triathlon and a halfmarathon last weekend, but got sick (not from the trip :-). On Wednesday I get to pick up my new bikes and I am so excited...but that deserves its own post!!!


Damie said...

awesome trip Angi!!!! Just looking at the pictures makes me jealous. You guys are so adventurous!

Elliot said...

Hahaha... Canadians and goats... that's funny.. Who packs a pound of spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower on hiking trips? you're almost as strange as Mr. Dolphinlover.