Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot summer

Summer is here. 110+ days every day...for the next 3 + months... my least favorite time of the year. I do not like getting up early. Unfortunately right now I have no choice but to set my alarm to 4:30 am or else I will be frying in the sun during my workouts.

I have been taking a short mid season break from racing. After 11 races in 13 weekends I thought it would be better to safe some of my energy and fire for the second half of the season which includes really important races. My trip to the Duathlon World Championships is in the planning and it looks like I will be spending some time in Aviano, Italy and then go over to Spain for the race. I am ranked 4th in the 5150 series right now, so my trip to Des Moins, Iowa for the Championships is in the planning as well. There are 2 more races this weekend, Boulder and Zuerich. I am going to race the 5150 Boulder this weekend. It is a good chance to get out of the heat and enjoy some cooler temps, as well as going on a roadtrip with my husband and my dog :-) Off course I am also going there to take some points home and keep my spot in the rankings :-)

With the temps going over 100 degrees, little desert critters decide to come out...ahhh...this one is the one I found last year. Only one all year...that is kind of OK with me:

But then this one decided to live in my vegetable garden WITH HIS/HER BABIES!!! That is NOT OK. I mean, look at it. If those babies would grow, I would have a family of 20 scorpions living in my vegetable garden. No way.
So I made JR do this:

Hit it with a hammer. And then I felt bad. Poor guy.

Off to pack for the 14 hr drive to Boulder. 5150 Boulder Peak Triathlon, here we come!!!

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