Monday, April 4, 2011

Race # 3 and my new partner in crime: Quarq

After SuperSEAL I wanted to go out and train immediately again. I am having so much fun racing and training that it is hard for me to rest. But I know it is good for me. I am glad I have a great Coach who helps me and makes the rest-day-training-day decisions for me...

After taking it easy for a few days we decided to race this weekend in a local race. Local races are nice because you get to know other athletes in your community, which I think is very important. I raced in the Iron Gear Sports Mesa Sprint Triathlon. With 3 hard training days right before the race I was not sure what to expect - I was just really tired :-) But the race went really well and I had a lot of fun. Sprints go by so fast!!! I ended up winning the race and, for the first time in my tri life I managed to win the OVERALL (men and women). Next weekend I will be competing in another local race, the Marquee Triathlon. It will be a competitive race with many of our very fast AZ racers. It will be great preparation for Duathlon Nationals and my upcoming trip to Germany.

SPONSOR UPDATES: I am very lucky to be representing Quarq this year. Quarq is owned and developed by very nice and smart people, Jim and Mieke, who I got to know during my time in Spearfish, SD. I am very happy to be able to collect and analyze my riding data from now on. My network is amazing: with the help of Iron Gear Sports my Quarq powermeter will be on my bike by Wednesday and Nick and I will be able to analyze and fine tune every workout from now on.

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