Saturday, December 4, 2010

70's and sunny in December...

The Phoenix live is not so bad afterall :-) I rode my bike in shorts today and the forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 70's...IN DECEMBER.

I have ridden my bike more this week then I have ever done...mhhh...yes, I think that is a true statement...OK, maybe except for one or two other weeks...or a training camp week...

However I have never done two hard days in a row-before this week :-) THAT IS A TRUE STATEMENT

After 2 years of self coaching I finally have a coach!!! I am so excited not having to try to create a plan for myself anymore...even though I have a degree in Exercise Science, I believe it is nearly impossible to coach day? Who needs a rest day? 4 races in 4 weeks? Sure!!!

So...I got to meet Nick. Nick is a great coach - nice (and mean when it comes to specific workouts), focused and observant. I always had a coach as a runner. First in my club in Germany, then in college. I trust my coach and do not question what he has me do-because I know that he has a reason for every day's workouts!!! Having a coach allows me to focus on doing the work I need to do.

Nick had athletes competing at IM AZ and he was out there supporting them all day (and my rockstar friend/teammate/first-time-IM-finisher-and-kick-ass-athlete Teri who competed in IM AZ said: he was everywhere...with good advice).

His bussiness is called Durapulse ( and is at the same location as TRIBE Multisports - which means: as an endurance fan like me, you can spend ALL DAY there!!! Super multisports store + training + science + spinning + core +... and fun people.

What you can find at Tribe/Durapulse is one of only 7 USAT certified performance centers in the Nation (if you want to read more about it go to: ).

I am super excited to be training under Nick's guidance and racing with Tribe Multisports in 2011.


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Glad you are enjoying our amazing weather :) that's great about the coach, definitely time and you will do very well!! We need to compare 2011 race schedules soon. And BH (Brian Henry) mentioned you the other day at swim. Too bad Brophy is so far away from me.

GoBigGreen said...

Hey Angi, thanks for your comment. I am SO jealous of your AZ winters. I had a dream that we were moving to Texas. That was after Dick talked about lving in Austin:) You are right, what a fabulous man. Happy Holidays, and SBR outside for me ok? It was 6 deg and -11 windchill when i ran yesterday.( good excuse to go short, eh? :)