Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where has time gone...

The middle of June already... here are the quick updates:

1. still waiting on the house...shortsales...
2. Phoenix is getting hotter...and hotter...and people tell me this is actually a nice June :-)
3. can't wait to race in my first 70.3 of the year...

OK, now here is the full story:

The wait on the house is incredible, but we knew what we were getting into when we signed up...if we can close by the end of this month we will get the tax rebate which would be GREAT!!!
I was hoping to go do the Liberty Classic with Team Colleen - Unfortunately I couldn't get my UCI license and I had to stay at home. I would have loved to represent at Philly with some great Teammates!!!

Instead JR and I went to the Deuces Wild Triathlon in Show Low, AZ. The race was very fun but sooo hot. I was excited to race against my batteling buddy Katie-she is an amazing athlete who knows how to fight!!! We rode the "legal" together until she flatted. From then on it was just me against the clock :-)

The run was incredibly hot (guess I am not a Phoenician yet). I ended up running my slowest 10 since...I can't even remember...but broke the course record by a few minutes. JR took home the 3rd place overall male trophy!!! Great comeback...After 5 years or so out of the sport.

We spend the next weekend in Flagstaff. BEAUTIFUL!!! Lots of riding, not so much running :-( My foot has been hurting so I took a few days off...

Thanks to Endurance Rehab I am back into full training and getting ready for Buffalo Springs.

It is getting hotter and hotter here in Phoenix. We hit the 100 mark almost every day, but everyone tells me we are still lucky. Usually it is way over 100 every day...let's hope it stays the way it is:-) FOREVER:-)

Going back up to Flagstaff this weekend for some good training again before taking off for Texas on Wednesday!!! CAN'T WAIT. 2nd time in Texas:-)


Anonymous said...

Yippee for Buffalo Springs!! Are you and Pam driving out there? I'm flying in on Friday :).

Beth said...

Goooood luck in Texas!!! Just will feel chilly in Texas compared to Phoenix! :) Have a great race!