Monday, September 7, 2009


What have I been up to and where did time go? It is already September!!! Over the last few weeks I have been getting back into the pool as often as possible (after it was closed for 3 weeks), I have been building my running miles and I have taken my TT bike out of its 4 week retirement.

With the AZ TT Championships coming up next weekend, I thought it would be good to practice on the TT bike :-) I am thinking about running a 10 k race up here in Flagstaff the day before the TT, it would make it a great training weekend.

I am super excited to start up with triathlon's again, with the Nathan's Triathlon coming up the end of September (AZ summerbreak is OVER!!!). Not so stoked about swimming in Tempe Town Lake without a wetsuit...the water is not exactly nice-looking.

Something crazy happened yesterday: WE HAD OUR FIRST FRESH SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!

Also yesterday it was my brother Sven's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Ich vermisse Euch alle ganz doll und I au will Bananenkuchen :-)

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Anonymous said...

YAY!! I am going to be at Nathan's to cheer you on!!!